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former member of the Halifax chapter of the Hells Angels has been charged in connection with a third murder in the Montreal area.

Jeffrey Albert Lynds was already facing charges related to the murders of two men, Kirk Murray and Anthony Onesi, who were gunned down in NDG in January 2010.

Now Lynds has been charged with ordering the February 2010 death of a man who was shot and killed in Longueuil.

Prosecutors say that Lynds joined the Nomads chapter of the criminal gang after the Halifax chapter disbanded a decade ago, and that he ordered the deaths of several people.

Timothy and Robert William Simpson, who have been convicted and sentenced to life in prison for shooting and killing Murray and Onesi, say they were working for Lynds at the time.

Murray served a 15-year sentence for the second-degree murder of two men in 1983.

After Murray was granted parole he moved to the South shore and made friends with people who did not necessarily know his criminal history.

It was one of those friends, Onesi, who gave Murray a lift from Chateauguay to NDG the night both were killed. Onesi was shot because he was an inconvenient witness to Murray's murder.

The Simpson brothers say that Lynds ordered them to kill Mark Stewart in Longeuil a few weeks after the NDG murder.

Reports of gunshots and a fire at separate addresses linked to biker gangs kept Winnipeg police busy on Tuesday.

In the first incident, police searched a Weston area home Tuesday morning after gunshots were reportedly heard in the area.

The sound of two quick shots was reportedly heard at an address in the 1500 block of Roy Avenue, between Cecil Street and Langford Street, at about 10:30 a.m.

The landlord said he was told by police that the tenant had links to the Rock Machine motorcycle club.

A number of streets in the area were blocked to traffic and police used a loud-hailer to try to get the attention of anyone inside the residence. Neighbours said they had heard gunshots several times in the past few weeks.

Geraldine, who lives in the neighbourhood, said the tenants were recently evicted from the home and that the place had been linked to bike gangs. "I do hope that whatever's going on between the gangs and that situation that it cools down and they realize that there are innocent people out there that could get caught in the crossfire," she said, asking that her last name be withheld for fear of retaliation.

Police said the report of gunfire there early Tuesday was unfounded.

Meantime police and fire crews responded to a call at a home in Elmwood Tuesday afternoon — the same address that was the target of a weapons raid last fall.

Court documents show the owner of the home on Mighton Avenue is linked to the Hells Angels motorcycle club.

Members of the Winnipeg police Tactical Support Team were at the home Tuesday afternoon, although there was no sign smoke or flames and firefighters were in standby mode.

The residence on Mighton was the subject of a search warrant and police raid last year. Police found weapons and three people — two men and a woman — were charged with several offences.

Authorities allege a man found dead on a downtown sidewalk in March was the victim of one of 18 motorcycle gang members

Authorities allege a man found dead on a downtown sidewalk in March was the victim of one of 18 motorcycle gang members facing a federal indictment on charges ranging from racketeering to murder.

Anthony R. Robinson, 24, Chicago, is accused of killing Javell T. Thornton, 32, Chicago, early the morning of March 6, according to the indictment unsealed Tuesday in U.S. District Court in St. Louis. A federal grand jury handed up the indictment June 9.

Robinson was indicted on two counts of murder in aid of racketeering activity, two counts of attempt to commit murder in aid of racketeering activity and one count of racketeering conspiracy. He is accused of fatally shooting a man two months before Thornton was killed, the indictment states.

Robinson was a member of Wheels of Soul Motorcycle Club, which was holding a regional meeting in Marion at 126 S. Main St. Now a vacant storefront, the site was a clubhouse for the Undenied Riders Motorcycle Club, which in fall 2010 joined Wheels of Soul, police Maj. Bill Collins said.

On March 6, police investigated the death of Thornton, whose body was found lying on the sidewalk in front of the clubhouse. Three other men were injured when a fight occurred during an after-hours party at the clubhouse.

Relatives of two of the victims, Daryl Collins, 30, and Michael Collins, 31, said the brothers intervened when other people inside the club were beating Devin Jones, 44. The fight spilled into the street, and guns were fired, they said.

The injured men were treated at Marion General Hospital, transferred to Grant Medical Center, and eventually discharged. The brothers, who live in Marion but are from Chicago, suffered gunshot and stab wounds.

Within 24 hours of beginning its investigation, the police department was put into contact with the U.S. Attorney's Office in St. Louis, Mo., which had an ongoing case involving Wheels of Soul. Federal investigators adopted the Marion police investigation.

Federal investigators worked in conjunction with police "because they try to shut down the whole organization rather than taking one member here, one member there. ... Because when you have crimes that span different states like that it's easier to put them together in a federal case than to try all these in different states," Collins said.

"Early on we're not able to say much because we're investigating this case, we're taking some flak like 'You're not doing anything about this homicide,'" he said. "We have to hold our cards close to our chest until the right time, and that certainly was the fact in this case."

Thornton died from one gunshot that went through his back into his heart, Collins said.

Two others also were shot, but ballistics have not identified those shots. The indictment alleges Robinson and Allan Hunter fired numerous shots at fleeing victims, striking some.

Police received a "huge" assist from the Marion Township Road Department when one of its workers March 23 found a gun in a sewer under James Way and contacted the Marion County Sheriff's Office, which contacted police, Collins said.

He said police knew people involved in the shooting had stayed in a hotel near James Way, and had the gun tested. He said investigators "can tell that the bullet that we retrieved from Javell Thornton's body was fired from that weapon."

No local charges have been filed, but some could be forthcoming against people other than Robinson, he said.

"It certainly was a big team effort on everybody's part," Collins said of the investigation. "... A lot of times you can't see what we're doing, but believe in the fact we are doing something."

Robinson waived his right to detention and removal hearings and was to be transferred from Chicago to St. Louis, where the indictment was issued, said Randall Sanborn, spokesman for the U.S. attorney's office in Chicago. Robinson, who appeared in federal court in Chicago on Tuesday, was being held in a federal detention facility in downtown Chicago pending transfer by U.S. marshals.

Some of the accusations in the federal indictment of the 18 club members are breathtaking; one member allegedly stabbed another person in the head during a fight at a Chicago motorcycle club, then shot another in the stomach. The indictment says gang members are required to carry weapons, mostly guns but also hammers, knives and others.

Federal authorities cite meetings in St. Louis in 2009 in which a Wheels of Soul member, Dominic Henley -- known within the gang as "Bishop" -- told others in the gang that a member in Gary, Ind., had been threatened. He instructed them to retaliate by robbing the rival gang members of their colors by "any means necessary."

Gang members raised money through robberies and by distributing drugs, especially crack, but also heroin, the indictment alleges. They are accused of plotting and carrying out several acts of violence including kidnapping, robbery and murder.

Hells Angels biker gang was interested in purchasing a Fredericton strip club

Hells Angels biker gang was interested in purchasing a Fredericton strip club before the city decided to buy it this week, according to a councillor.

Coun. Stephen Chase, the chairman of the city's development committee, said on Wednesday the police informed city council of the biker gang's interest in the North Star Sports Bar.

"They may already own property here, they or people like them, may already own property. But to carry out the kinds of activities they might have carried out in this location that is something we can control," Chase said.

The city councillor said the police highlighted the potential sale to the biker gang as a "potential problem."

However, Chase said the idea of the Hells Angels buying the bar was not the driving force behind the deal.

"It is a factor but I think the purchase stands on its own merits. The need to develop that area. The Union Street area is in need of development," he said.

The North Star Sports Bar was assessed at $364,900 by Service New Brunswick, but the city is paying $500,000 for the bar and some additional property.

Chase said city staff are confident the property, which currently generates $7,000 in tax revenue, can be flipped to a new developer "in the very near future."

"We can easily generate 10 times that," Chase said.

Chase said he is confident once the building is torn down someone will want to buy the site to build new housing.

The city's development plan calls for more residential units in that area and a few developers have expressed interest.

Ken Flinn, the bar's previous owner, died last fall. It was passed on to five of his children.

Krystal Dawson-Wedge, a daughter of the former owner, said the family was content to sell.

Two weekend firebombings are being linked to a turf war between outlaw motorcycle gangs in Winnipeg,

Two weekend firebombings are being linked to a turf war between outlaw motorcycle gangs in Winnipeg, police say.

In separate incidents, a St. Vital automotive repair shop was firebombed early Sunday along with a West Kildonan home later the same day. Police are linking the two events and attributing them to an ongoing battle between rival gangs: the Rock Machine and Hells Angels.

"The incidents on St. Mary's Road and on Royal Avenue are connected and are part of the current conflict between rival groups," a police spokesman said.

Svenn Tergesen, the owner of DC Automotive on St. Mary's Road, told CBC News that although he knows members of both bike gangs, he denies any involvement in the biker lifestyle and says he is an innocent victim.

It was just after midnight Sunday morning when someone broke the window of his business and apparently tossed an incendiary device inside the shop and automotive bays.

Later on Sunday, a residence on Royal Avenue in West Kildonan also was targeted.

Neighbours say men dressed in black wearing balaclavas threw something inside a kitchen window. Fire crews arrived shortly afterward and put out a small blaze.

Last week, Winnipeg Police Chief Keith McCaskill said he is concerned about the outbreak of a gang war that is being blamed for recent shootings in which two people were wounded.

In late June, a flare was shot through the window of an Elmwood home injuring one person and a Windsor Park home was struck by bullets. And on June 29, a St. Vital home was firebombed and shot at and on July 4, a 14-year-old boy was an innocent victim when shots were fired at a Taft Crescent townhouse.

Hells Angel bikie Samir Jouayde, 30, will be in Silverwater Jail instead of exchanging vows with Susie Arida, the mother of his child,

Hells Angel bikie Samir Jouayde, 30, will be in Silverwater Jail instead of exchanging vows with Susie Arida, the mother of his child, Burwood Local Court was told yesterday.

Ms Arida cried when her husband-to-be was refused bail, with a friend telling her: "Try and be strong".

With friends and relatives at her side, she hid her eyes behind black sunglasses as she left the courthouse.

Her fiance, president of the Hells Angels Parramatta chapter, is accused of trying to extort $120,000 from Terry Mullens, owner of a luxury car dealership at Burwood in Sydney's inner west.

Jouayde, who had his name changed from Moustafa to Samir but is known as Mush, said the money was payment for organising the return of four vehicles stolen from Quality Motors on July 7.

On that day, Mr Mullens was forced to hand over the keys to the cars after being threatened that "all hell would break loose" if he refused, police said.

Gangs Squad detectives allege six men - three wearing Hells Angels jumpers - took a $70,000 black BMW, an $85,000 black Range Rover, a $415,000 silver BMW, and a $60,000 grey Porsche. Mr Mullens was also accused by the men of using the Hells Angels logo without authority, police said.

Jouayde was arrested along with four other men on Monday, after he allegedly told Mr Mullens that he wanted a car instead of $120,000.

Jouayde yesterday pleaded with the court to be granted bail so he could be married at the $32,000 wedding at the Grand Westella Reception Centre in Lidcombe in Sydney's west.

His solicitor Grant Thomas told the court a magician, hip-hop artist, and Lebanese band were booked to perform for 250 guests. The bride and other members of the wedding party had their outfits paid for and a $6000 deposit placed with the reception centre.

It would be a "complete and utter disaster if conditional bail was not granted", Mr Thomas told the court.

As proof, a wedding invitation was handed to Magistrate Christopher Longley, who then refused bail because of the seriousness of the allegations.

Mr Longley also said Jouayde was already on bail for other charges.

Two hours later, Mr Thomas reappeared to ask Mr Longley for the application to be reheard on Friday in a bid to get Jouyade to the wedding.

"I am now responsible for the devastation that has befallen the wedding party," Mr Thomas told the court.

He said he could increase the original offer of $20,000 surety to include a house at Granville in Sydney's southwest, which held at least $200,000 in equity.

Mr Longley said surety was not the issue and it would not have mattered if he had offered "$1 or $1 million".

He did agree to re-list the matter.

Jouyade's Hells Angels' associates Selim Kocak, Jeffrey Sayhoun, Ray Younan Jr and Suat Sarmisakliglu were all granted bail.

The owner of a Winnipeg used-car dealership says his firebombed business and personal reputation are both casualties of a biker war being fought across the city.

Svenn Tergesen, owner of DC Automotive for 17 years, says he's been inaccurately linked with the Hells Angels.

"I'm being crucified as being a biker, which I've never been (in) my entire life," Tergesen, 53, said Monday. He called the suggestion he's a biker "ridiculous."

"I'm the one that's getting the bad name. I'm the one that's getting my business destroyed that I've worked my entire life for, for something that I'm not part of," he said. "I've never owned a Harley-Davidson, don't want to."

A Winnipeg Police Service spokeswoman said Monday there have been no arrests made in connection with the blaze, which broke out just after midnight Sunday. Witnesses parked at a convenience store across the street from DC Automotive said two men wearing bandanas ran by with "fireballs" in their hands. One man threw a Molotov cocktail though the dealership's office windows, while the other threw one at a door, and it bounced off.

The arson strike force and organized crime unit are also investigating a fire that happened Sunday at about 4:20 p.m. at a home the city's West Kildonan neighbourhood. A police source told the Free Press the home is linked to a member of the Redlined Support Crew, who are affiliates of the Hells Angels.

The two attacks are the latest in a string of crimes including shootings and fire-bombings that police say are part of an ongoing turf war between the Hells Angels and Rock Machine gangs.

The president of the Rock Machine had his home shot up last month, as did another full-patch member of the gang. A Redlined member had a flare shot through his window and a Logan Avenue business that employs several Hells associates was firebombed.

In the most serious incident to date, a 14-year-old boy was wounded by gunfire last week when a townhouse was sprayed with gunfire. Police said the boy, who may have been an innocent bystander, is lucky to be alive. There were nine people inside the residence at the time, including a baby. Sources said the home was targeted as part of the ongoing gang hostilities.

Tergesen's business made headlines in January 2010 when a member of the Rock Machine was beaten at the dealership, allegedly by members of the Redlined Support Crew. Tergesen said police tried to speak with him about that incident, but he refused.

"It's something I don't want to talk about because I value my life," he said Monday. The victim of the attack suffered extensive injuries but has also refused to co-operate with police.

Tergesen said police haven't told him who's responsible for the fire this weekend, but he turned over camera footage to police in hopes it could crack the case. He estimated the fire caused about $200,000 damage to his business and he believes it's connected to a gang.

"(The police) said 'You can probably figure out who did this,' " he said.

Bikies in court over nightclub brawl

THERE is significant forensic evidence in a case against a group of bikies allegedly involved in a wild brawl in an Adelaide nightclub, a court has heard.

Police have arrested 19 members or associates of the Hells Angels and Finks bikie gangs, charging them with aggravated riot in relation to the incident in May.

Among those charged over the incident was Finks member Nicholas John Forbes, 41, who was arrested on the Gold Coast last month and extradited to Adelaide.

Police alleged he was part of the gang's ''terror team'', a group of bikies who were overtly violent.

Some of the bikies appeared in the Adelaide Magistrates Court today when prosecutors said the case was complex and involved the processing of a large amount of forensic material, including fingerprint evidence.

Police previously alleged the rival gangs attacked each other with bar stools and bottles during the brawl, which forced other patrons of the nightclub to flee for their safety.

It was captured by security cameras, with police using the footage to make arrests.

Magistrate Alf Grasso today adjourned the case to October 4, when the prosecution will be required to provide declarations.

The defendants will be asked to answer the charges on a later date.


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