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Bikies 'corrupting state officials' | Adelaide Now

Blood Money: Bikies, Terrorists and Middle Eastern GangsBikies 'corrupting state officials' Adelaide Now: "SECRET information compiled by Police Commissioner Mal Hyde contains strong evidence bikie gang members have 'repeatedly corrupted' public officials, an independent report has found. Retired District Court Judge Alan Moss has been granted access to documents underpinning Mr Hyde's bid to declare the Rebels an outlaw gang for a review of the State Government's anti-association laws.
Key sections of the report have been blacked out to prevent public disclosure of sensitive information.
Mr Hyde's application, made on December 9 last year, remains live despite then-attorney-general Michael Atkinson's decision not to rule until the resolution of a High Court challenge brought by the Finks gang.
A central point of the police case against the Rebels was that members had 'repeatedly corrupted public officials', Mr Moss states"

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