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SA cafe shootout linked to injured bikie


shoot-out at an Adelaide restaurant is related to the shooting of a bikie leader days before, but police deny there's an emerging bikie war across the city. An associate of outlaw motorcycle gang the Comanchero fired shots at a person approaching Cafe Paesano in North Adelaide at 9.40pm on Sunday, police said. Assistant Commissioner Grant Stevens said the approaching man, who was known to the Comanchero associates sitting in the cafe, was injured and fled the scene. He was then pursued by the gunman with further shots fired. Commissioner Stevens refused to confirm whether the men exchanged gunfire but media reports say the approaching man fired first before being shot in the leg. Commissioner Stevens said the incident is connected to the Thursday shooting of Comanchero leader Vincenzo Focarelli, who is in hospital with a gunshot wound to the leg. But he denies there's an escalating bikie war between rival gangs. "These incidents can be tracked to specific disputes in that (bikie) context (but) this is not a bikie war where we have warring gangs, drawing lines in the sand," he told journalists on Monday. He said the shootings, including an incident on Saturday morning when three men wearing balaclavas fired shots into a house at Burton in Adelaide's north, were isolated events. Commissioner Stevens said bikie-related shootings were difficult to investigate as the suspects covered up evidence and refused to co-operate. "These are a cohort of violent criminals," he said.

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