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Request for more documents denied


Missing Women inquiry commissioner Wally Oppal has rejected an application by lawyers representing the families of missing and murdered women for disclosure of more police documents. In a written decision dated Friday, Oppal said it was unnecessary for him to order more disclosure because documents continue to be disclosed, and in some cases, the documents requested are irrelevant to the inquiry's purpose. The inquiry is probing why serial killer Robert (Willie) Pickton wasn't caught sooner. Oppal also noted that some documents no longer exist and other documents requested have already been produced among 170,000 pages already disclosed. "I am satisfied that all concerned parties have acted in good faith and have made best efforts to produce all relevant documents and other materials," Oppal said in his decision. "The disclosure process is ongoing and I fully anticipate that all participants will continue to disclose documents as they are identified through the hearing process or come to their attention by other means." Lawyers Neil Chantler and Cameron Ward had sought more documents from the Vancouver police department, RCMP, and the province's criminal justice branch. The lawyers had also requested records of investigations of the now-defunct Organized Crime Agency of B.C. and the Combined Forces Special Enforcement Unit, including records of investigations into Pickton, his brother Dave, members of the Hells Angels associated with the Picktons and a party place near the Pickton farm known as Piggy's Pal-ace. (Dave Pickton's nick-name was Piggy.) Oppal said there was no evidence of a connection between Dave Pickton, the Hells Angels and Piggy's Palace that fit with the man-date of the inquiry.

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